Le Logis: A Storybook Château
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Le Logis is an authentic French country estate in the Cognac region of France. Its full name Le Logis du Frêsne (or Frêne), which means “the ash tree house.”

Le Logis is adjacent to the village of Juillac-le-Coq, which was a Neolithic settlement as early as 2,800 BCE. The town’s name came later — when a villa was built there during the Roman Empire — from the Latin “Juillac” (Julius) and French “le coq” (the rooster).

The fief of Frêsne was established around 1330, and the first Lord of Frêsne was designated in 1346. By the 1600s, the fiefdom encompassed multiple tracts of land throughout the area.

The earliest document mentioning a house on the property dates to 1558. The oldest structure in existence today was built in 1589 and comprises the rustic country kitchen and bedrooms above. The two towers that anchor the walls of the estate were likely constructed around the same time. All are built from the local limestone that gives the area’s vineyards their prized Grande Champagne designation, the most prestigious of Cognac’s six districts (crus).

The central portion of the house appears to date from the 17th century with records indicating that decorative elements of the façade were added in the second half of the 19th century. (The back of the house is a good indication of how the front likely looked before its makeover.) In historic documents, the home was referred to as a “maison noble” (noble house) or “logis” (dwelling).

Only four families owned Le Logis between the 16th and 20th centuries, with the most recent being the Babin-Martin family.

In 2013, Bacardi Limited acquired Le Logis and surrounding 25 acres of vineyards to serve as its Grey Goose house in honor of the label’s French roots. Bacardi undertook a complete renovation to modernize the property and add amenities such as the pool, cinema and (of course) an exceptional bar. Until it was sold in 2019, the home hosted bartenders from around the world for educational sessions about Grey Goose.

Today, Forbes Travel Guide — the global authority on luxury hospitality — operates Le Logis, welcoming private groups for leisure and corporate visits, proudly carrying the mantle of the estate’s rich history for a new generation.

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